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Why LNX?

Fast Transferences

With LNX Silver token, you can send and receive Tokens to anyone in any part of the world at a very low transaction cost.

Perpetual Value

The Silver backing each Token have a well known instrinsic value gained in ages of constant sustained price as a storage of value.

Buying the Future

You will use a currency that uses new century technology, you are securing your economy in the future.

Get in for the future

Our technology will offer an outstanding way to deliver the maximum security possible when handling new methods of delivering the best technology possible.

Our platform offers the following fields for relevant opportunities.

Saving Way

This technology provides the best resolution regarding inefficient way of creating new data.

Transferences made easily

With our new way of trading we'll provide the best way to overcome any resolution.

Home Building Interface

In the recent years a major number of applications have been growing in an outstanding way to provide the best quality in software by providing the best results.

Easily Interface

Our protection includes the offering of several services within a decentralized data approved by the majority of the network.

Solid Infraestructure

Ethereum runs in thousands of computers around the world and is adapted to be a change in the near future.

100 Million USD

Shorterm Foreseen LNX Mcap

5 Million Silver Grams

Shorterm Foreseen LNS Mcap


Locations / Storages Planned

100,000 Active Users

Long-Term Goal

Our Team

Sample avatar
Daniel Mendoza


He has 6 years of experience in
crypto-currency era.

Sample avatar
Karolis Ramanauskas

general developer

Karolis Ramanauskas, a graduate of
BSc Computer Science at Lancaster University.

Sample avatar
Brian Vo


I am blockchain researcher and
business strategist with a passion for financial empowerment.

Sample avatar
Jason Hai

Senior LAMP Stack

He believes blockchain will be
the best technology for money
transactions in the near future.